Throughout a typical week, you can find several simple opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of your neighbors. In addition to living within the same community, you have more in common than you think. Most importantly, you share an appreciation for courtesy and friendliness.

Here are five ways that you can be an awesome neighbor.

  1. Start with a “hello.”
    Did new tenants move into the space around the corner from you? Take the first step and introduce yourself. While social-distancing measures are in place, a simple note or greeting card will do. Grand gestures like gift baskets and flowers are not necessary. A happy greeting with some helpful information about the community will go a long way to make them feel welcome.

  2. The name game.
    After you’ve introduced yourself, do your best to remember the names of the people you meet. It’s going to take some time, which means you may need to exchange multiple greetings before it becomes permanent. Before you know it, you’ll be calling them by their names. Chances are, they’ll start calling you by your name too.

  3. Courtesy counts.
    Remember that everyone in the community is on a different schedule. When you’re ready to unwind after a long day at work, others might be sleeping to prepare for a swing shift. Being respectful to those around you goes a long way. Keep this in mind when you’re watching TV, playing music, or having friends and family over. Respect other people and they will respect you in return.

  4. Be aware of your pet.
    Having a furry companion can do wonders for your health and provide a loyal companion. Make sure that your animal is kept on a leash when you go outside. If people want to interact with your dog, they will let you know. Always make sure that you are cleaning up after your dog. Demonstrate your consideration for the community by never leaving home without a pooper scooper or a plastic baggie.

  5. Lend a hand.
    If the neighbors across the way are taking a trip, volunteer to watch over things in their absence. Perhaps they’ll ask you to pick up their mail or watch for Amazon packages. Building a mutual relationship of trust means they may be more likely to do the same for you. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than worrying about things at home, so your support and kindness will go a long way.

The best way to make your community a friendly place is for you to be a happy and helpful neighbor. To be an awesome neighbor, try to greet new tenants, remember names, be courteous with your noise and activities, take responsibility for your pet, and be willing to assist others.