It’s hard to resist a hot, fresh, straight-out-of-the oven bagel. Most people agree; experts estimate Americans consume around 213 million bagels every year. From cheese-laden masterpieces to scrumptiously simple versions, bagels offer the perfect flavors for every preference.

Here at Stonybrook Apartments, we have plenty of delicious bagel shops nearby. But the good news is that bagels are simple to make. Here are three of our favorite simple bagel recipes you can make today.

1. Splendidly Simple

When all you want is a simple, plain bagel that goes with anything, this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction is a great match. Sally provides a plain and salt version that will be sure to hit the spot. If you decide to go the salt route, buy coarse sea salt for a perfectly delicate flavor.

2. Add a Touch of Sweetness 

A popular recipe by Allrecipes is a winner. With eight ingredients total, it is a little more complicated than other recipes but worth the effort. The secret to this ingredient is one cup of honey. The honey produces a sweeter taste than most bagels have. You could even go the extra mile by adding honey or barley syrup to the boiling water to produce a chewier texture.

3. No-Rise, Gluten-Free

Gluten-free options for homemade bagels are a real crowd-pleaser. And if you are someone who is busy, forgetful, or simply worried about making a mistake, this recipe is for you. All the rising happens in the oven. No more fretting over the amount of time your dough needs to rise and asking yourself “Is it done yet?” as you repeatedly poke the dough. Delicious!

When a muffin or a doughnut won’t do, a homemade bagel is just the ticket for a satisfying and simple snack. These three bagel recipes come together quickly and are sure to please.