When you think Japanese food, your mind probably doesn’t go straight to bread, but it should. Bakers make dozens of amazing stuffed, flavored, and shaped breads every day in Japan, with many delicious options to satisfy any craving.

Here in Anaheim, we’re lucky enough to have some of those Japanese master bakers whipping up traditional and modern baked goods right in our backyard! Here are three reasons why you should visit Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe today.

Authentic Japanese Bread

Although Okayama Kobo opened fairly recently in 2018, the bakery has existed in Japan since 1986. All their baked goods are made using 100 percent Hokkaido flour imported from Japan. It’s what makes the breads’ light and fluffy texture possible. 

Visitors will also find examples of Japan’s signature playful animal buns and rolls. One of Okayama Kobo’s most popular pastries is the kobokuma, a bear-shaped pastry filled with custard creme. 

Wide Variety of Bread

Okayama Kobo bakes pastries to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re in the mood for sweet, savory, soft, or crunchy, you’ll find a pastry that will hit the spot at Okayama Kobo. They serve curry pan (a pastry filled with Japanese curry), yakisoba pan, fried noodles in a Japanese-style bun, and many more. Their sweet pastries include danishes, custard/creme-filled sweet dough pastries, and croissants. Visitors can also buy fluffy Japanese sandwich bread to use at home.

Made Fresh Daily

You won’t find any premade pastries at Okayama Kobo. Every item on the menu is made fresh daily. No preservatives or additives are used when baking the bread, which adds to its authentic flavor. There’s also a small cafe on site that makes fresh coffee to go along with the fresh pastries baked daily. 

If you’re in Anaheim, don’t miss the chance to sample traditional Japanese pastries made fresh at Okayama Kobo. There’s a flavor for everyone at this authentic Japanese Bakery. And if you decide to move to Anaheim to take full advantage of the local cuisine, consider living at Stonybrook Apartment Homes. Our apartments in Anaheim are the perfect place to live! Call (714) 710-1414 today to learn more.

Photo courtesy: Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe