Are you hungry? There are so many hidden gems in Anaheim that are calling your name. From juicy burgers to spicy barbecue to thick dumplings, your taste buds will surely be exploding. Here are three of our favorite local restaurants we know you will love! 

Glee Donuts & Burgers

Serving donuts and breakfast burritos by day and burgers and fries by night, Glee Donuts & Burgers will not disappoint. Popular dishes include the soft-shell burger, California burrito, and stinkin bagel (cream cheese, butter, and olive oil smeared across a grilled bagel topped with parsley and a secret sauce). 

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, check out their photos on Yelp and read some of their reviews. They have 818 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. One reviewer wrote, “I have been coming here for years . . . It’s one of my favorites for a breakfast burrito and fresh squeezed OJ,” and another said, “The burgers are sublime as are the cajun fries. So delicious! I wish I could indulge more often.” Sounds like the perfect lunch to us!


Known for their large portions and low prices, WOW BBQ is the perfect place for a large family or a college student on a budget. But don’t let their prices fool you: Their food is divine.

Their dishes are classic BBQ with an Asian twist. You will find teriyaki rice bowls and spicy chicken and pork skewers with an option of rice and macaroni salad on the side. The best part is that you can order your food online: Simply select the items you want to purchase, choose your payment information, and submit! Ordering food has never been easier or safer.

Mayflower Dumpling Express

If you like thick, juicy dumplings, this local restaurant is for you. Mayflower Dumpling Express offers both steamed and fried dumplings and “mini buns” made with a variety of different meats: beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp. Multiple reviewers recommend the pan-fried pork mini buns. 

If you aren’t in the mood for dumplings, consider housemade hot and sour soup, fried rice, or chow mein. Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their tasty appetizers. From fried cheese wontons to scallion pancakes, there will be enough food for the whole table.

The city of Anaheim is full of tasty local restaurants. Whether you are craving donuts, Asian BBQ, or dumplings, you are in luck! Consider ordering takeout from one of the restaurants listed above, and don’t forget to wear your mask when picking up your order. Happy eating!

Photo credit: Mayflower Dumpling Express